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Sabre in Sevenoaks


Fencing has starred in every Olympics since Baron de Coubertin revived the ancient games in 1896.  An exciting sport that builds mental and physical agility, it literally inspires you compete and think on your feet.  At MX Fencing we teach sabre at our friendly club.


We coach everyone from recreational fencers, who enjoy an intense physical workout with other sociable and supportive club members, to competitive fencers who train in the most precise way on footwork and bladework to compete nationally and internationally.  We’re proud to coach and inspire fencers at every level.  Fencing is a sport that men, women and children can all participate in, and one of the few in which men and women take part in on equal terms.  It really is a sport for everyone.

We don't currently have any upcoming beginners courses, but please do send us an email if you wish to be notified when courses become available.

For more information please contact us at: mxfencing@gmail.com

Fencing: For Everyone!

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